“The Great Futon Debate” by Jen and Rachael

For a long time, Rachael had one of Jen’s futons in her room. She wasn’t using it. It was just folded neatly in her room, a remnant from their New Year’s Eve sleepover. Yesterday, Rachael finally cleaned her room, and returned Jen’s futon to its rightful owner.

The next evening before bed, Jen tells Rachael in a revelation that having two futons is much better than one. The following is Jen’s opening statement:

“After you sleep on one futon for a while, going back to two is like heaven! You forget how great it is. It’s like Spring. You don’t…you…it’s…”

Rachael’s rebuttal was to start laughing at Jen’s nonsensical example, even though she agreed with Jen’s thesis statement.

Jen then left the living room with her concluding statement, “Stop laughing at me, Swan!”

Sadly, Rachael had no counter for that statement, and Jen won the debate, regardless of her poor futon to Spring analogy.

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