A Random Sunday

Yesterday was such an atypical Sunday, but it was also really fun! Jen and I both skipped church, but don’t worry, it was done with good reason. Jen ran in the Kasugai 10K and I watched her for about 5 seconds as she ran past me. But it was great! She did really well, and it was pretty cool to see so many people running competitively.

After the 10K, we went into town and met up with everyone from church for lunch. Here’s the great part about that. Church usually ends around 12:15, and we all usually socialize until about 12:30 before going to lunch. Yesterday, Jen and I didn’t get to Tiger Cafe until nearly 2, and the rest of the group had only just finished placing their orders 5-10 minutes ago. Unbelievable right? But Jen and I are decision makers, and we’re both hungry after church, so we’re pretty good at getting people mobilized.

Following lunch, Jen went with the boys to a gym to play basketball, and I later found out, ping pong, and I went over to Zelda and Taro’s house (a great couple from church) and took a two hour nap on their couch. Zelda was kind enough to just let me crash. Two hours after I fell asleep, I awoke to their 4-year old daughter Emily watching Cinderella, and it was just a great thing to awaken to! And my favorite parts of the movie were talking to Zelda and realizing that as kids we both loved the same parts of the movie- anything with the mice, and then hearing Emily sing along to “So This Is Love,” even though her words were nonsensical for the most part. It was just so sweet!

Jen came back, and we decided that since it was already going on 6, we should just have dinner in town. So, Jen called up the usual suspects, and after a lot more calling and rearranging, we ended up, along with five friends from church, at some kind of chicken restaurant, where almost everything on the menu involved chicken. Our friend Fern just ordered a large sampling of things for us, and then the food started coming out. But the best part was when the waitress brought out chicken sashimi– raw chicken!! Mandy and I both had a moment where we freaked out about eating raw chicken. But then we both put it on our plate and ate it before we could think about it too much and talk ourselves out of it. And you know what? Chicken sashimi is really good!! I really liked it!! Following that, more and more food just kept coming out, and and it turns out that people were ordering more without the rest of the table knowing it. By the end of dinner, we were all really full, but it was a great meal!

To top off the evening, we all went to karaoke, where we enjoyed singing such classic hits as “The Rainbow Connection,” “Eternal Flame,” “I’m a Believer,” and “You’re the One that I Want.” It was a good time, and an overall good evening out!


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