“My Heroes Ability” by Jen and Rachael

Recently Jen and Rachael discovered the “My Heroes Ability” on Facebook, and they have become a bit obsessed with it. They spent a large chunk of time this evening just using their powers on friends, mostly Chris, and forming strategies to make their combined powers more effective.

Jen’s ability is telekinesis, and Rachael’s are electric manipulation and healing. They have an array of very cool abilities. They have both also reached Level 11 experience, and only stopped playing because they ran out of points to use their powers. Perhaps it was for the best, considering Jen has to run a 10K tomorrow morning and needs a good night’s rest.

But after an evening of hitting the same few friends over and over again, they both decided that more of their friends need to also add the “My Heroes Ability” so that they can have more friends to play with. It really is an addicting application, and they can promise that once you start, you won’t want to stop. They can tell you from experience.


5 thoughts on ““My Heroes Ability” by Jen and Rachael

  1. SeanD/> says:

    hey y it is a very addicive game i have 3 powers and im now saving up for my 4th i am also level 44 and rising very fast so anyone tht sees me on there jus add me i will be able to help u alot i can lift u off the ground, Shield you and also Illuminate u i have Telekinisis, Electric Manipulation and Flight my name on it is the same as this and if u cnt find me (Sean Duggan) on facebook type in my email aswell >> ninja-assasin@hotmail.com

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