Since coming to Japan, my favorite food has become buttered toast. Now before you start thinking that toast is a lame choice of a favorite food, let me tell you a bit about toast over here in Japan. My bread is man-sized! For real, it’s bigger than my hand and about as thick as my palm. For a country where portions are really small, the bread is a miracle.

But I toast my bread in our microwave oven, which takes about 6 years. The microwave oven really has an oven function, and a toast function, but it’s so so slow. And when the toast comes out, it’s barely light brown. But I don’t really want to wait another six years for the toast to go through the cycle again. But I’ve actually come to prefer this method of toasting because the crust and outside is gently toasted, but the inside is still soft and chewy. It makes the perfect combination, especially when you add some butter!

Don’t worry folks, I only eat one, maybe two slices a day, usually at breakfast. But today I did indulge and had two pieces for lunch along with a bowl of potato soup. I’m just walking on the wild side of carb intake!


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