On Sunday, Jen and I were walking through Nagoya Station, just minding our own business, heading toward our train. We looked to our right and saw two women standing in front of a store window talking for a few minutes. There was a little boy with them. He looked to be about 7, and he was carrying a suitcase. I was thinking he was kinda cute when out of nowhere, he ups and wails his little child-sized suitcase against the storefront window, resulting in a really loud resounding thunk. I could barely believe it and as we walked by, he totally did it again. It is only at this point that his mom takes notice of him, and tells him to “be careful.”
To that, Jen and I just held in our laughter until we got out of hearing distance. It was obvious that this kid had not just accidentally launched his small blue and red plastic upright suitcase into that window not one, but two times. He must have had some sort of vendetta against said window. Perhaps, he didn’t agree on an ethical level with what was being advertised. Or he could have been lashing out against the exorbitant prices in Japan. But whatever his reasoning, that second impact was no accident, even if the first one might have been because I witnessed the whole thing not two feet from me.

So, I’m now left to ponder why this kid would’ve just hauled his suitcase against a window, and accordingly, how the mom would have responded if he had broken the window. Perhaps then the response would have been a bit more severe than a “kids are full of accidents” line.


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