“Here’s Looking at You, Kid”

This evening for dinner Jen and I went with some friends out to dinner at a Moroccan restaurant called Casablanca. It was a good evening. We ate delicious Moroccan food, including couscous, yum!, and drank Casablanca beer. Although no one actually said “here’s looking at you kid” or any of those other Casablanca quotes that are so famous. But maybe the best part of the evening for us was when the belly dancer came out and performed a 20 minute show.

Now, the belly dancer herself wasn’t all that great, but what kept it interesting was that for the entire first half of her show my whole group debated quietly to ourselves whether or not she was actually a man. Now, maybe that sounds horrible, but if you were there, you would completely understand. And the best part of it all was that when we mentioned it to each other casually, we all realized that we had been thinking the exact same thing! But about halfway through the performance, the CD started skipping and she couldn’t finish the show. None of us were too terribly disappointed by that, until the manager came by, apologized, and asked us if we would like to have her perform again. Someone at our table said yes (Frank), so the show recommenced. And the best part of the second half was when the belly dancer drew Frank and Simien up on stage and made them dance with a cane between them. I laughed heartily at that.

So, this evening, we took a trip to Morocco, and it was fabulous! I love Moroccan food! Thanks to Frank for finding the place!


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