Phone Time

There are two very different kinds of telephone people.

Type A- These people LOVE to talk on the phone. They call others for the pure enjoyment of talking on the phone. Oftentimes, there’s no express purpose for their call. They just want to hear the sound of your voice. And here’s the thing, if they call another Type A, they could talk for hours on end about absolutely nothing at all.

Type B- These people use the telephone for a purpose. They are calling you because they need to know something, or they need to tell you something. They can tolerate about 6.2 seconds of pleasantries before they tell you the reason they’re calling. Once the information exchange has taken place, they can tolerate about 2.8 seconds of pleasantries before they hang up.

Now, I’ve found that most people are a blend of both types, but one of the types definitely shines through and hails as dominant. Can you guess what type I am? I’ll give you a hint…I rarely ever exceed my allotted cell phone minutes. Furthermore, your real life personality can be strikingly different than your phone personality. I know some really social, loquacious people, who on the phone, can stretch a conversation to about seven minutes flat. But I also know other quiet, shy types who just open up on the phone and go to town.

Basically, the phone is either a enabler or a hindrance. It’s up to you to decide what it is in your own life.

One thought on “Phone Time

  1. Lindsey says:

    Well, you know which I am! Type B all the way…it’s better when I am talking to you or my dad, but otherwise I am like, totally awkward. LOL

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