Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008!! Jen and I both think that it’ll be great! But man, my new year’s eve was for real one of the most random that I’ve ever had. I mean, I’ve spent the last three New Year’s Eves at Christmas Conference ushering in the new year with 2000 of my closest Christian friends from colleges in a quad-state area. So, this year was quite a bit different.

Jen and I had Chris over for dinner and to spend the night. And then, out of nowhere, Rex and Simien decided to join us for a large part of the evening. So, the Fabulous Five relaxed at our apartment for the evening. But, for whatever reason, Jen decided that we needed a romantic mood, so we spent the evening with no lights, except those from all the candles that Jen had lit in our kitchen and living room. And the complete randomness began.

Just after 11, Simien and Rex left, with Simien wearing a combination of me and Jen’s workout clothes. Long story short, Rex’s car got locked in a parking lot, and Simien’s attempt to break him out resulted in him soaked to the bone and needing to put on women’s clothing. But I don’t think he would want anyone knowing that, so don’t tell.

And then it was just me, Jen, and Chris left to usher in the new year. We lounged on the couch, watched a Japanese pop extravaganza concert, all the while making fun of the guys’ hair and outfits; because, of course, it was only guy groups performing. And the three of us drank pink champagne at midnight! And let me tell you, pink champagne is really tasty. Maybe it’s the lovely pink hue that makes it so delish.

But here’s the crazy part of all of this, for all of you living in the states. It’s 1 in the afternoon here on the first, but you haven’t even ushered in the new year yet. So, as Jen says, I’m writing to you from the future…and the future looks good.


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