Coffee Please, Doctored Up

Here’s a revelation that I’ve made in my life recently. I used to believe that drinking black coffee was the adult thing to do. Adding sugar and/or milk was like admitting defeat to my inability to drink it black like any other regular adult. And admittedly, sometimes, I do like to drink my coffee black. It can be a nice change of pace to my palatte.

But it wasn’t long before I realized my need for sugar in my coffee. As adult-like as I wanted to be, I just couldn’t stomach black coffee, especially if it was strong. But no matter what, I still couldn’t handle milk or cream in my coffee. It just seemed like I was a kid trying to play adult if I snuck milk in my coffee. And then this past summer, I saw my friend Dan put milk in his coffee, and I finally realized that if Daniel could put milk in his coffee, then, by George, so could I!

Since then, coffee has been quite an adventure for me. I absolutely love flavored creamers, my favorite being Irish Creme, followed closely by Hazelnut! And I still add a good amount of sugar. So the next time you see me drinking coffee, it’ll be all doctored up and completely mistakable for some other coffee drink, like cappuccino or cafe latte, both of which I enjoy from time to time. Cheers to all of you non-black coffee drinkers! I have joined the club!!


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