Super Athletic

Today, Jen had to run 17 miles and I went with her…on a bike…for 11 miles of the trip! It was super fun, and I enjoyed seeing new parts of the city. Although, after 11 miles, my butt is really sore! And before you start thinking that I’m totally hardcore, I would have to say that the temperature was in the 50’s and glorious for the ride.

And I was thoroughly impressed with Jen’s running skills. Man, she kept up the pace the entire time and didn’t seem tired at all. And we were able to hold a conversation the entire time. She was never out of breath for those 11 miles. My roomie is a running beast!

We went to this really great park and even though it was the middle of winter, it was still really pretty! So, I’m excited to revisit in the spring. AND, on the way to the park, we passed a cattle farm!! I was in complete shock, but strangely excited to smell cow manure in the middle of Kasugai, Japan. It smelled just like home! Which, in and of itself, is not such a good thing, but for me and Jen, it was great!


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