Couch Potatoes

Well, this is fitting as a follow-up to my last blog. For the past four hours or so, Jen and I have been lounging in my room on our futons watching tv/movies on our computers. Jen is watching season 1 of Heroes, and really I can’t blame her for watching the episodes without stopping. I would’ve done the same if I were in her position. It has been fun to partially rewatch parts of season 1. I had forgotten some of the things that happened, and it’s been a good refresher. But I must say that, for the most part, Jen’s a pretty good Heroes predictor.

As for me, I just watched “I Am Legend” the new Will Smith movie. It was really interesting, and kind of a bit odd, but I have to give Mr. Smith his props for some awesome acting skills. But after watching this movie, I am even more assured of my embarrassing tendency to startle way too easy. Now, the movie is in part a thriller, and there was definitely a part of the movie that caused me to scream out loud. I don’t know that I’ve ever been guilty of that before, so I have gone to new heights of jumpiness. It was slightly embarrassing, but Jen had the grace not to acknowledge the fact that I had screamed and jumped. Or maybe, it could’ve been the fact that she was so thoroughly obsessed in her own show that she didn’t even care that I screamed. Both are options.

Maybe you think I’m kidding, but in fact, that’s not the case at all. I get startled and freaked out extremely easily, and I always show it very visibly. It’s often the biggest cause for embarrassment in my life. People who have watched action-packed movies with me can attest to that fact, or even thrillers, and scary movies, oh man, I don’t even watch those because I know what will happen. But even in real life, unexpected sights and sounds freak me out just as much. But I won’t get into all of that because it’s just too pitiful.


One thought on “Couch Potatoes

  1. Lindsey says:

    Funny story, only partially related to this blog post 🙂

    My mom and dad went out with some friends on New Year’s Eve to dinner and the movies. They bought tickets intending to see “Charlie Wilson’s War” but there were no seats available when they went into the theatre. So, having bought tickets already, they decided they were good for another movie and proceded across the way to “P.S. I Love You” My mom and the other woman loved it, but of course my dad and the other man did not, so after it was over, they proceeded across the way once more to see “I Am Legend”. My parents, sneaking into movies!!!! Crazy!!!

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