“A Friday in Kasugai” by Jen and Rachael

Today Jen and Rachael took advantage of their winter vacation by walking all over Kasugai to go to various stores and run errands. Their day together started with a mile walk to the craft store and sporting goods store in the rain. Rachael was on a search for yarn, and Jen needed a running shirt. They stopped at the craft store first. Yarn was very expensive, so they browsed around the store for a while. They were both amazed at how many things Japanese craft stores offer for you to make. Jen turned a corner and in a loud whisper, called Rachael to come over. She made our way over to the display Jen was looking at. But just before she got there, Jen whispered, “They even make boobs here.” Rachael puzzled over that, and when she looked at the display case, she responded to Jen’s comment with “or shoulder pads.” Oops…

They next visited the sporting goods store, which is very much like a Dunham’s or Dick’s. Jen was very frustrated by the lack of women’s running clothes, and Rachael was in agreement, even though she herself had no need to buy women’s running clothes, or men’s running clothes for that matter. After their venture to their respective stores, they both agreed that they were very hungry, so they decided to go to Kentucky for lunch (KFC for all those in the non-Japan area). Jen ordered the chicken pot pie set, and Rachael ordered the chicken fillet sandwich set. Jen’s was quite satisfying, as was Rachael’s, but Rachael’s sandwich and fries were roughly the size of a kid’s meal in the states, no kidding. But she was quite full afterwards, and they both fretted on how they would ever go back to the states and eat food that was hearty-man sized portions.

After a quick stop at the drugstore to buy some much-needed supplies and add points to their point card, which is actually Jen’s point card, but they share it equally, Rachael headed home to start cleaning the apartment, while Jen continued to do her errands around Kasugai. At home, Rachael got a big chunk of the cleaning done before Jen arrived, and she now sits writing a blog while Jen scrubs down the shower. The fact that her room desperately needs cleaning is irrelevant, and will probably be ignored for as long as possible.

Following the exeunt of messiness from their apartment, Jen and Rachael plan to lounge around in their freshly cleaned living room, drink tea, and relax. Yet another day of the winter vacation was well-spent for Jen and Rachael, and who knows what Saturday will hold!


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