Winter Vacation

Here’s why I like my work in Japan. Since Sunday, I’ve been on winter vacation, and I have two glorious weeks off! My first day of work isn’t until January 5th. It’s already been wonderful and it’s not even halfway through.

Yesterday, I went into town with Jen and Kanako and we spent the day shopping. But don’t worry, we mostly did window shopping. We also ate lunch at soup stock, which has some delicious soup, as well as having drinks at Starbucks!

Today Jen went running and biking pretty much all day. As for me, I slept until noon, went to the bank, payed my health insurance, went grocery shopping, and now I’m watching Roman Holiday and enjoying a nice cup of instant coffee.

I think that this is maybe a bit what my life would be like if I really were a homemaker. Although, the apartment would probably be a whole heck of a lot cleaner. But that’s tomorrow’s task I guess. Also, things wouldn’t really be this laidback if I had kids. But I’d just be a pre-children homemaker. Full-fledged Sakura homemaker, here I come!


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