Roman Holiday

So, I’m watching Roman Holiday and it’s led me towards two very distinct thoughts. The first being how much it really must suck to be royalty, or some equal position. I mean, I can just think about all the movies that have been made that talk about how princes and princess, first daughters, and even celebrities just want to escape their lives. I mean, for celebrities, you kinda choose that life for yourself, so better luck next time. But royalty is something that you’re born into and you have your entire life scheduled for you. That cannot be fun at all. There are such high expectations of you. It seems almost impossible that you could have an enjoyable life. You’re always performing for someone. So, I’m glad that I never went through that phase in life where I wanted to be a princess. I mean, sure, everyone loves you and you get the royal treatment, but you pay a high price for that lifestyle.

My second thought involved finding out what face shape Audrey Hepburn has because I really dig her shorn hair in this movie. I know, surprise surprise, after two years of growing out my hair, I’m thinking about getting it all cut off. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love my long hair, but I do like to change my hair. Maybe I’ll get it cut in time for the summer and the humidity in Japan. For the winter and spring, I’ll enjoy my long, lustrous locks. Who knows? By then, I’ll probably have changed my mind yet again. And, as it turns out, Audrey Hepburn and I DO have the same face shape!


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