Thoughts on the Train Home

Okay, so I thought about this on my long commute home tonight and I’ve come to a definitive decision. There is no possible way that you can see without being seen.  If you want to see someone, at least some part of you has to be visible to that person. But I can already amend that statement with three possibilities  that I’ve thought of.

1)  If you’re at a different level than someone. Maybe you’re on the second floor balcony, and the person you’re trying to secretly see is on ground level.

2.) If you’re standing in the deep shadows on a not-so-bright day.

3.) If you have some real high-tech spy equipment. But unless you work for the government or an espionage organization, this may not be an option for you.

In light of all that, if you’re really all that worried about seeing someone without being seen, maybe you’re trying to stalk that person, and then you maybe have some issues that you need to work through.


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