Do sloths hibernate?

I’m thinking that they don’t, mostly because they don’t live in a climate that has a winter. But even if they did, I still don’t think sloths would hibernate. I think they would just move even slower than normal, and to the rest of the world it would appear as though they were hibernating.

Every evening this week, Jen and I have turned into non-hibernating sloths. We just crash in the living room, blast the heat, enjoy our Christmas candy goodness for a while, and then proceed to immobility for around an hour at least every evening. Just the thought of being the slightest bit chilled in our bedrooms keeps us in our well-warmed living room with no thought of moving. Jen actually fell asleep on the couch for a while last night. I’d say a solid half hour at least. And I’m in fear of doing the same thing myself anytime now. So, I’m going to end this note and make my way to my bed in a very sloth-like manner.


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