“This Monday Evening” by Jen and Rachael

Normally Monday is Bible study night for Jen and Rachael, but with the arrival of Christmas cookies and candies, their spirits were a bit too jolly for any truly serious study of Job. It was really the best decision because they spent the evening all hyped up on sugar, saying completely inappropriate things in the comfort of their own apartment.

Rachael realized that maybe they needed to cut off their sweets intake when Jen started a ten-minute comedy routine in French, but Rachael must admit that it was absolutely hysterical! Jen also left an awkward voice mail message for a friend, which was also absolutely hysterical!

But in all seriousness, Jen and Rachael really enjoy living together. They always have a great time, and even the most mundane things become hysterical. They definitely burned off all the calories they consumed by laughing over every little thing that happened, from checking out photos of a French bodybuilder to realizing that they have no personal boundaries between each other.


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