It’s a Chocolicious Day!!

Today I got my package from my grandparents!!! If you can’t tell, I’m super excited about it and let me tell you why. They sent an entire package full of homemade cookies and candies!! I almost peed my pants, I was so excited the moment the doorbell rang. I think the postman picked up on my happy vibes because he was super jolly and said “Sign please!”

So, I open my package and inside is a mini Willy Wonka chocolate factory. I wanted to start singing “Pure Imagination,” but I resisted the urge, and instead got right down to opening all the goodness. And it was a veritable feast! So, I assembled most everything on a lovely tray and had it ready and waiting for when Jen came home. We’ve been enjoying our Christmas treats and tea for about an hour now.

Mamie and Tom, you’re the super greatest grandparents ever in the whole world, and Jen has also decided to adopt you both as her grandparents as well. She also loves the chocolate-covered Cheese Nips. Seriously, you should look into marketing those things! We send a very hearty thanks to you with much love!! Here are some great pictures especially for you of us enjoying our package!!

Christmas PlatterJen EnjoyingYUM!

And after taking these photos, I asked Jen if there was anything else that I should take a photo of before putting my camera away. Her response: “Yeah, me giving birth to a chocolate-covered baby. ” Now that would be an occasion well worthy of a Kodak moment.


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