KY Kids

The kid’s floor at Kanayama Honko school is a place where I spend a great deal of time, either teaching or just on a base shift. It’s been real interesting there for the past few days, and let me tell you why.

Yesterday, I just did a base shift at KY Kids because they’re training a new teacher. So, during the new teacher’s demos I got to play a little kid. And let me tell you, it’s so much easier to pretend to be a kid once you’ve taught some actual kid’s classes. For one of the classes, I had to act as a parent to a 4 year old. And let me tell you, being the parent of a thirty-something British man is kinda weird. And to top it all off, he was the emotional kid, very sensitive. So, he needed lots of attention, especially considering the other “kid” was like a child prodigy. They were some very competitive four-year olds!

And today, I subbed for a teacher who had surgery last week. It’s a really tough situation, so please pray for him! But I taught all the kids last week as well, so I figured this week wouldn’t be bad. I was 2/3 right. Today was open house day, so all the parents got to join in the class and be active participants. It’s not that bad because parents can watch all of our classes from the huge windows that dominate one side of the classroom. But it was my first open house ever, so I was a bit nervous.

The first class is little little kids- all under 4, so their moms are with them every single class, so no open house there. My second class was 5 & 6 year olds. There were seven kids and seven moms. Talk about a full class. But it was amazing!!! I had so much fun and I know that the moms and kids did as well! And, apparently, one of my bosses watched me for a few minutes, and said that I was a great teacher! But my third class was so difficult. Imagine six 7-10 years old who are all either shy or really tired, or some combination of the two. And then imagine having a 60 minute lesson planned around all games that involve running around and yelling and playing. Yeah, not a good combination at all. One mom came in the classroom and sat quietly in the corner, another just looked in through the window, and all the rest were nowhere to be found. So, it was not the best way to end my kid’s classes today, especially considering the kids got really wild in the last 10 minutes or so, and were laughing and yelling in Japanese about Emma’s grandfather who is a bald character in our books. They thought the fact that he was bald was hysterical, even though they’ve seen these cards for the past three lessons. Man oh man.

But the good part about all of this are the Japanese staff who work there, Annie and Reiko (Rayko). They’re both completely awesome and I love to talk to them and hang out in the staff room! I talk to Annie a lot especially because she always seems to be the one working there when I’m there as well. It’s also helping my Japanese a little, so that’s great!

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