Japanese Toilets Pt. 3

Today I was using the bathroom at work, and when I went to button my pants, I noticed that the button for the inside flap of my dress pants was gone. I had noticed earlier when I put my pants on that it was loose, but I didn’t think too much about it. So, I speculated briefly in the bathroom when the button could’ve fallen off and figured it had happened while I was running around in a kid’s class.  But I also took a moment and thought about how funny it would be if the button had fallen in the toilet when I was using it. Now the lighting in the bathroom is really dim, and upon closer inspection, I saw the thread that the button had been attached to. I pulled it and before I could even do anything, I saw my button pop off the thread and plummet directly into the toilet that I had just peed in. And all I could do was laugh quite heartily. If this were a western-style toilet, it just would’ve rolled to the floor, but no. My button is now forever lost in the Japanese plumbing system.

I know that I write a lot about the toilets here, but what can I say? I like bathroom humor in all shapes and forms, and there will probably be a lot more “Japanese Toilets Pt. X” to come. So, buckle in and make sure you’ve got all your buttons tightly fastened because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


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