Crazy Weather

It’s been raining this week. And I’m not talking about that 33 degree completely horrible rain that you wish would just turn into snow kind of rain. It’s actual fall rain. Today it was warm enough that I didn’t even have to wear my coat on my walk to the station for work.

What is up with the weather here? It’ll get cold for a week, maybe two and then it’ll warm up for a week. It’s no wonder that everyone gets sick. It’s supposed to be winter, but Japan is having none of that.

Perhaps Japanese Winter is simply on strike. It is sick and tired of being underappreciated and constantly outshone by all the typhoons that Summer brings, so it has taken a vacation in Fiji. Meanwhile, Fall is now in freak-out mode because it was not at all prepared to handle an extra month’s worth of work. So, it’s having an anxiety attack, and what we’re left with are the crazy effects of Fall’s anxiety. But I hope that Winter is having a grand old time taking a holiday in Fiji with Spring. Winter is so not my favorite season. It never considers other people’s or season’s feelings.


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