Trash Day

Now, maybe you’re wondering why I’m writing about trash day. I mean, it’s not all that interesting, right? You put your trash out once a week and the garbage men take it- no big deal. In Japan, that is horribly wrong!  They are all about recycling here, which I will agree is a very good thing. They’re so environmentally conscious over here. So, it makes trash day at our apartment really tough, because it’s more like trash week.

Every Monday and Thursday is burnable trash day. So, food scraps and paper products can go out in a nice yellow bag. And the bag has to be yellow. It’s a Kasugai-issued trash bag.

Tuesday is the day to recycle, but it alternates by week. The first and third Tuesday of the month, you can take out your recyclable paper products that you haven’t just put in your burnable trash bin. The second and fourth, you get to recycle all of your plastic and glass that is worthy of recycling. Fortunately, you can put this trash in any bag you want.

Wednesday is non-burnable trash day. So, all the plastic that’s not recyclable, such as our candy wrappers, and soup packets. You can also put out your metal cans, and we always seem to have about a billion of these from all the canned fruit we eat. This trash goes in a blue bag. But don’t worry, they give us the yellow and blue bags at the grocery store to pack our groceries in.

And then, once a month, on the first Saturday is a special trash day. It’s the day that you put your Styrofoam out. That’s right, you can’t just throw it away with unburnable trash. You have to save it all month in a special place. So, every time we cook meat, we have to rinse off the Styrofoam container it was in, and put it in our handy recycling bin.

So, you can imagine that with all of these trash requirements, our trash doesn’t always make it out. Sometimes we forget completely, or on Tuesdays, we forget what kind of stuff we can recycle. Granted, we have a trash calendar, but it doesn’t matter. And the trash goes really early, so if it’s not out by 9 or 9:30, you have a problem. And you can’t leave it out because they don’t have those big outdoor trash bins (and I can’t remember the name of them for the life of me). So, if you miss, your trash has to sit in your house and wait.

Usually, we’re pretty good about the burnable and non-burnable trash, but the recycling really gets us. Case in point, we pretty much missed every recycling day in November, so by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, we had amassed quite a collection of cans and bottles. This was also before we knew that metal cans went with the non-burnable trash. We couldn’t very well have people over and have our trash overflowing everywhere, so while I was cleaning the apartment, I made an executive decision. I took all of the bags for recycling and put them in the upper shoe closet in our entryway. It looked pretty funny actually, but thank goodness, no one opened the closet to put their shoes in. It would’ve been terribly embarrassing!! Since then, we’ve been pretty good about getting the trash out. And when I say we, I mean Jen, because let’s face facts. I’m never up that early! So, I appreciate her for being the designated trash disposer of our apartment.

3 thoughts on “Trash Day

  1. Lindsey says:

    The Japanese would hate Matt and I and our trash habits, well except for our compost pile out back…we’re semi-green 🙂

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