Japanese Toilets Pt. 2

I’ve been doing some further research into Japanese style toilets, specializing in the area of pooping. I’m sorry if this may offend, but so many of the funniest stories in my life center around bathroom humor. I think it’s in my genes, my family loves bathroom humor!

Anyway, I asked Jen’s opinion about pooping in Japanese style toilets, and specifically about what happens when you get diarrhea, or the scooters as we call them in my family. This was a few evenings ago. So, tonight, as per usual, we’re hanging out in the living room browsing the internet for random, funny videos. We were just settling in to watch “Last Christmas” by Wham! when Jen paused the video and asked me “Which way do you face when you use Japanese style toilets?” And thus began our very serious discussion about having the scooters and using Japanese style toilets, whether or not it would be very messy and cause splatter. Jen had thought about it for a half hour this morning on her run, and I’ve been mulling over the issue for at least a week now. But we were both kinda stumped about it because it’s never happened to us. So, here’s what went down:

Rachael: Who could we find to ask about having diarrhea in a Japanese style bathroom so that it wouldn’t be completely awkward?

Jen: I don’t know. But maybe if we’re lucky, it’ll happen to one of us.

At this point in the conversation, Jen just keeps talking and continuing her train of thought, but I paused and thought about what she said, and started laughing really hard. Then Jen got what she said, and we laughed for quite a while, wishing that we would be so lucky!


2 thoughts on “Japanese Toilets Pt. 2

  1. Auntie Reese says:

    Ok, I am still waiting on the final outcome to this….Its really bugging me and I really want to know how this is accomplished without the mess. Ok, let me know….love you.

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