Jen and I have this friend from church. His name is Rex. He’s originally from L.A. and he’s here in Japan as an accountant.

By day, Rex is very mild-mannered. He can’t get anywhere without GPS. (See my earlier blog about being seriously lost. Rex was driving) He’s quiet, soft spoken. Imagine Clark Kent, only without the glasses, and looking Asian.

But at night, on the phone, Rex is a crazy man! He’s soo stinkin’ hilarious! We had him on speaker phone, and he was cracking jokes right and left. He has even given us our own nicknames: Jenster and Rachael Green (from Friends). I’ve never imagined that one person could be so drastically different, but it is in fact true. I’m not sure what it is, maybe a split personality that’s triggered by phone usage. Now you can imagine, not Superman, but Rex Manning. Because let’s face it, as cool as Rex is on the phone, I somehow doubt that he’s wearing red tights and a red cape in the comfort of his own home. I’d go with Rex Manning because he’s seriously cool like Rex Manning, only without the bad haircut and frilly shirt!

Jen and I are on a mission to find him a girlfriend. So, if you’re not in school, have a job, and are fairly independent, please apply here! He comes with a money back guarantee!

“I don’t like the chair…I’m not sitting down.”


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