A Heavenly Bed

Yesterday I bought another futon for my bed, as well as a super fluffy futon cover/blanket. The blanket feels like lamb’s wool and the extra futon makes the bed so much softer.

When I woke up this morning, it was delicious! It was the best sleep I’ve had in such a long time. I didn’t even feel the floor at all, and it was so soft! I think I actually prefer my current bed to my bed back in the states. Although, if my comforter were a bit longer, that would be much better. But you can’t win every battle.  So, I’ll just be content to sleep in my heavenly bed as is!

Although, maybe next month I’ll buy another pillow. I’m kind of a pillow fanatic. Okay, in actually it’s not “kind of,” I really really really love pillows of all shapes and sizes on my bed! It makes me extremely happy! But now I only have one pillow and it’s perfectly adequate, but I want more! They have really cute decorative pillows here as well! So, I have to make sure to limit my spending, or I could be in some real trouble!


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