The Honeymoon is Over

On Friday evening after work, I was waiting at the Kanayama station to catch the train home to Kasugai. (For those of you who are picturing this in your mind, the station is a covered platform outside.) As I was waiting, I saw this very cute gray and white cat on the other side of the tracks, just making her way, following the path of the tracks. Now, instead of thinking about how completely random it was that I saw a cat running the tracks, all I could think of was that this cat could be killed if it was that close to the tracks when the train came in. In my mind, I was screaming for the cat to get away from the tracks, all the while imagining scenarios of this poor kitty dying. Now, for the sake of reality, I know that this is unlikely to happen because the cat would be so freaked out by the train that it would get as far away as possible.

But all the same, my emotions took control of the situation. There I was in the middle of the platform, and I nearly started to cry…twice! At one point, I had to wipe away a few tears from the corner of my eye because I felt so horrible for this cat’s possible death.

And it was at that moment on the platform of Kanayama station that I knew that the Honeymoon period of living in Japan was officially over. And so the real living begins.

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