“Another Evening” by Jen and Rachael

Tonight Jen and Rachael spent their evening having girly girl buddy buddy bonding time on Jen’s futon. They spent the evening talking about boys, using pore strips, and spending an extensive amount of time on ehow.com. They learned very valuable lessons about writing love letters, meeting sailors, flirting (Jen’s “come hither” look is a bit creepy…okay, really creepy if Rachael was being honest), and their personal favorite- dating a vampire. Here’s the most important step in their opinion: “Tell your vampire he looks great, even when he doesn’t. Remember, your vampire date can’t see himself in a mirror. This makes for all sorts of difficulties in the grooming department.” They had some real concerns about this one as both Jen and Rachael have dated vampires in the past and forgot to compliment their ill attempts at grooming. Actually, Rachael made fun of her vampire date’s bad hair. And in light of this newfound knowledge, she has decided to write him a note of apology by simply restructuring the love letter than Jen wrote on Rachael’s behalf earlier in the evening.

Jen and Rachael also had a compelling discourse on the astounding difference between men and women and what they find appealing in the opposite sex. They had conducted surveys earlier in the day, and spent some time compiling their results and they began to formulate a thesis on their findings.

But all of this was made a bit difficult by the fact that Rachael has had a severe sore throat for the past few days, and actually was without a voice for most of the day. So, much of the conversation was led by Jen with Rachael adding in with Japanese non-committal “mmms.”

“Life’s rough when all your friends are hot.” ~Jen


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