Free Time Lessons

Here’s a little diagnostic of Free Time Lessons, or FTLs as I will refer to them from now on. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes.

There are five levels of FTL:

Level 5: Challenger

Level 4: Discoverer

Level 3: Explorer

Level 2 & 1: Voyager

Level 5 knows the least amount of English, and Levels 2 & 1 are the most advanced. With Voyagers, you can basically have free talk for the entire lesson. It’s usually very easy to talk to a Voyager student. With Challenger students, sometimes you struggle to get through a 40 minute lesson, and you’re praying that the planned lesson will last for about 30 minutes of the 40. My personal favorite is the Explorer. There’s still structure, and you

And with these classes, you only work with adults. Well, high school and above. And you get such an eclectic mix of students in each class. When you get a grandma and a salary man together in the same class, you expect the worst, but those have turned out to be some of my best classes. I’ve laughed through a 40 minute discussion about eating cockroaches and blowfish. You learn to never expect to know where a conversation will go in the course of 40 minutes, especially in an Explorer class. I’ve had entire classes about animated movies, geology and mountain climbing. One of my personal favorites was a 5 minute confusing conversation about this American beer called Memento. The student was talking about what he liked to do on his days off- which was watch movies and drink beer. Two other students and I couldn’t figure out what kind of beer this guy was talking about until he was trying to describe to us that the “beer” was neither light or dark. And then it clicked that he was talking about the movie Memento, not some obscure beer. We all laughed for a long time!

So, FTLs aren’t always my favorite, but usually I end up having a good time in the process! 🙂


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