“Boggle” by Jen and Rachael

At least one night a week, Jen and Rachael like to play Boggle. Now, before Rachael came to live, Jen was the reigning champion of Europe and Asia. But now the winds are blowing in a new direction. Rachael is a Boggle rockstar!! Jen and Rachael also have two very different Boggle styles of play.

Rachael takes a moment at the beginning of each round to analyze the letters and make sure that she doesn’t overlook anything before writing down words that she sees. She also hesitates when she sees words that she’s not sure about. If she doesn’t think it’s a word, she won’t write it. She’s also the timekeeper of the game, so in the last fifteen seconds or so, she’ll usually stop writing so that she can accurately end the round. One plus of Rachael’s play- she will always write down the plural of a word if it’s available, always. One minus of Rachael’s play- she rarely thinks of words with less than three letters- if, so, be, and others never register as words when she plays Boggle.

Jen is a Boggle enthusiast. She plays every three-minute round with 100% energy. Jen is the round starter, and as soon as she has flipped the timer, she’s writing a mile a minute. On average, she produces over thirty words each round. But unfortunately for Jen, half of those words are not real words at all. She writes down combinations even if she’s not sure that they are in fact real words, on the off chance that they are. But she is often awarded half points for really random non-words, such as “arg.” One plus of Jen’s play- she will always, always get those two letter words that Rachael misses. One minus of Jen’s play- she sometimes writes repeat words in her enthusiasm.

One great moment from their last Boggle game was during the comparison of words. Rachael had run out of words, but Jen was still going strong. But she was starting to relay her nonsense words. Now, Rachael is also the Boggle referee. She is the authority of whether or not a word is actually a word or not. So, Jen says “lat,” to which Rachael responds “No.” Jen circles the word, giving herself a point, and Rachael responds laughingly, “Did you actually think that was a word? I said no, because it wasn’t a word, not because I didn’t have it.” Jen looks up, laughs as if to say, “you can’t blame a girl for trying,” and crosses out “lat.”


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