Sakura Homemaker

So, today I made homemade soup!! And it was amazing!! Well, as it was my first attempt to make homemade soup in Japan (and pretty much ever if we’re being honest with each other), and it didn’t taste bad, I’d qualify that as awesome!! And thanks to Mamie for giving me the awesome recipe! Though, our internet wasn’t working all day, so I had to remember the recipe from the one reading I did of it and from the many times I watched you make soup. I did end up finding bullion cubes randomly in our apartment, which made the whole chicken flavoring 100 times easier.

For those of you who aren’t on the inside track, I made chicken noodle soup, Japanese style, tonight for dinner. It had chicken, noodles, carrots, potatoes, onions, and chinese cabbage. I was going to use celery but it’s so super expensive- one stick of celery costs 158 yen (100 yen= $1)!! And parsley was non-existent.

But there was one slight hitch…On a side note, do you notice how my stories always seem to have at least one small thing go wrong? If yes, welcome to my life. If no, then I don’t think you’re reading closely enough and you should just stop altogether. 😉 But anyway, from years of Crusade catering, I’m so programmed to make food for large amounts of people that I haven’t yet learned how to cook for two. So, instead of a nice pot of chicken noodle soup, about 4 bowls worth, I made enough soup to last us for a whole week! I actually had to redistribute my soup into two large pots because there wasn’t enough room for any broth after all the filling that I put in. But as the soup is exceptionally delicious, Jen and I are both appreciative of the leftovers.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what does Sakura Homemaker have to do with chicken noodle soup? Well, I’ll tell you. I was so impressed with my own skills that I told Jen that I was her very own Suzy Homemaker. But as we live in Japan, I just chose a Japanese girl’s name to replace Suzy. And I happen to like the name Sakura, so it works out well that I’m now Sakura Homemaker.  Stay tuned as I add to my Sakura Homemaker skills by cooking other meals with a Japanese twist. The ultimate test will be when I can cook an actual Japanese meal.


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