The Trials of Multi-Tasking

This afternoon I was trying to make a simple cup of coffee with instant coffee mix. To preface this conversation, I was on the phone at the time. I heated my water poured in the sugar, and all that remained was to shake in the proper amount of instant coffee mix. The mouth to the coffee jar is too small to fit a spoon in, so I really do have to shake in the right amount. But as I was trying to gently shake, I was also trying to slide my phone shut, having finished my conversation. And that is when disaster struck. Somehow the force of shutting my phone shut with my right hand spread across my body to my left hand and I watched horror-stricken as, in seeming slow motion, three times the amount of coffee fell into my mug of hot water. It was like watching a coffee avalanche and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it mixing into the water.

With great apprehension, I mixed it all together and took a small sip…and it tasted absolutely atrocious!!! Waay too strong! But I didn’t want to waste all that coffee mix, so there was only one solution to be had. I poured my mug of coffee into a cereal bowl, added more water and sugar, reheated it, and I am now drinking a bowl of coffee. Here’s proof:

Bowl of CoffeeRachael’s Bowl of Coffee

It just goes to show, sometimes even the most brilliant multi-tasker can fall flat on their butts!


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