“The Afternoon” by Jen and Rachael

So, I’ve given you a typical evening in the lives of Jen and Rachael, now here’s a typical morning…

Rachael wakes up at 10 and comes out to fix her daily cup of instant coffee. Around this time Jen comes busting in the house drenched in sweat, having just arrived home from her 10+ mile run. She hops into the shower and about 3 minutes later, she’s dressed and ready for the day (No jokes here…she’s a professional speed showerer). Then the fun begins.

They talk about their plans for the day, and then the rest of the late morning and afternoon, Jen sits at her computer in the living room, and Rachael sits at her computer in her bedroom with the door wide open. The silence is often interrupted by Jen playing obnoxious Christmas songs like “Feliz Navidad” or “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” OR she herself will sing songs to Rachael about fruits salads or eating sweet potatoes for lunch. Occasionally, she will sing snippets of the Chipmunk Christmas song just to annoy Rachael.

Around 1 is tea time. Depending on who’s up, two cups of tea are made. If Rachael makes the tea, it is done quietly and without much fuss. But if Jen makes the tea, it involves singing “tea time tea time” and skipping to and from the living room, kitchen, and Rachael’s room.  And sometimes Jen goes crazy and drinks white chocolate mocha instead of tea.

Once the tea has been dispensed, the karaoke part of the afternoon begins. Jen and Rachael alternate playing songs full blast on their computers (from their separate rooms of course) and sing along. These songs don’t usually alternate much from day to day. Right now the theme is Christmas and Michael Buble. Then at 1:45 Jen leaves for work, and Rachael is left to her lonesome until 2 something when she leaves for work.

“And I can’t believe that I’m your man and I get to kiss you, baby, just because I can.”

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