We interrupt your normally scheduled program…

From the makers of SoftBank comes my new cell phone! That’s right folks! You heard it here first. Rachael Heald has her very own Japanese cell phone. It comes fully loaded with internet, email, photo and video capabilities, video calls, alarm clock, and more. All this could be yours with 26 low monthly payments of $9999.99. Other proud SoftBank promoters include Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, and Hello Kitty. You too can have one of your very own SoftBank cell phones. All you have to do is move to Japan!

But seriously folks, I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it is to have a cell phone once again. Maybe you don’t fully realize how vital they are to everyday life until you have to live abroad without one for a month. But I do wish that American cell phones were half as cool as Japanese ones. But maybe by the time I get back to America, the technology will have reached our shores. But I can record video on my phone, and even make video calls. Granted, I don’t have anyone to video call, but if I did, that would be totally awesome!

My phone is a bronze slider. When I showed it to Jen, she was really excited until she saw it. Her exact words were “It’s brown,” in a very dejected voice. I responded, “No, it’s bronze and it’s very cute.” She replied, “It’s brown,” in the exact same tone and looking at me as though the difference between bronze and brown didn’t matter at all. And then she couldn’t figure out how to open my phone. So, it’s just as well that she’s part of the flip phone gang. 😉

Closed SlideOpen Slide


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