I need food!!

So, without doubt, the hardest part of living in Japan is going to the grocery store! I really like shopping and buying food, but Japan makes it kinda difficult for me to do so. Here are some of the biggest problems…

One, I can’t read any Japanese!! So, I have absolutely no idea what 95% of the stuff in the store actually is! Sometimes I just buy things that look interesting and hope for the best. Some things I recognize because Jen buys the stuff, or it’s kinda hard not to figure out, like pasta.

Two, they don’t really make the same food as Americans or Westerners in general. There’s an entire aisle devoted to dried seaweed. I assume that there are multiple good uses for seaweed, but I can’t figure it out. Also, they have more kinds of seafood for sale than I ever thought humanly possible. And some of it looks really creepy and weird. Again, I assume that there are some really yummy things that you could make out of this seafood, but I just have no idea.

Three, everything is in pretty small portions, so I feel like I’m constantly going to the grocery store because I’ve exhausted my supplies. A Sam’s Club would crash and burn here for sure.

Four, the amount of old ladies that frequent the grocery store whenever I can go. And old ladies here are not cute like they are back home. They push you and basically have little to no concern if you get injured in their pursuit of curry. And I don’t understand what the rush is grandmas, there’s a whole aisle of curry too!

But maybe in another post, I’ll put some of the things that I like about the grocery store, along with some pictures if I can smuggle in my camera! πŸ˜‰


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