“Manly Man Buddy Buddy Time” by Jen and Rachael

Once upon an evening…

Rachael took a long, long, did she say long bath and then Jen came home. They spent a good amount of time laughing about Jen’s crazy Halloween candy. Then they searched the Internet in vain for scenes from The Wedding Planner featuring Massimo, their favorite character. Then they tried to figure out how to spin pens in their hands for about 15 minutes, also unsuccessfully. And then Jen and Rachael laid side-by-side on Rachael’s futon for about an hour playing around with different Facebook applications, testing them out on each other. Rachael’s personal favorite is Make A Baby. And of course all the while they laughed hysterically randomly quoting Massimo from The Wedding Planner and just speaking randomly with his Italian accent.

Jen and Rachael think they’re hysterical, but to the rest of the world, it may seem that they’re a bit crazy…and they’re okay with that!


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