Black Pens, Please

Well, I’ve done it! I’m an official full-time employee of ECC! And just to show how much they love and value me, tomorrow I have to go cover for someone who’s out of the country. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a big ordeal because I have three days of sub shifts (yes, I’m a part-time substitute teacher). But the big deal is that the class I’m covering is one of the hardest ones that ECC offers. It’s called Returnees, and it’s for kids who have lived for a while in an English-speaking country. So, I have to make up my own lesson plan for a class that I know next to nothing about, and then hope for the best. These kids are good English speakers, so I’m hoping that I can get away with just talking with them for a good chunk of time. But there will be no chorusing and teaching structures because they’re above all that. We had absolutely no training in the Returnees classes because they said the chance of subbing for one of them was extremely rare. Welcome to ECC!

But, I’m going to do it with a smile because if I have the toughest shift at the very beginning and make it through, then I’ll know that I can teach anything they have to offer! Wish me luck!


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