“Rubber Ducky, You’re the One!”

I love taking baths!! And here’s why…

I just took a bath and prepped one of my demos at the same time! When  you take a shower, that’s it. All you can do is shower, otherwise you’re just going to get everything wet. And it would not do for me to have a waterlogged lesson book. But when you take a bath, you’re free to read, watch a movie, study, listen to music…pretty much anything. But of course, you have to be careful that you don’t drop anything into the bathtub!

The only problem that I ever encounter when taking baths is that inevitably, some part of my towel will end up in the bath water. You’d think that after 24 years, I’d have the whole drying off thing mastered, but no such luck. This time, I only got a corner of my towel wet. But last time I took a bath, there was a serious problem. Somehow, I managed to drop my whole towel in the bathwater!! So, I had this completely soaked towel, which maybe wouldn’t have been such a problem, except for the fact that all of our other towels were drying!! So, there were absolutely no other clean towels except for this tiny little hand towel. Suffice it to say, in the future, I will take more care not to drop my entire towel into the bathtub.

On a side note, I’m one of those people that would want to have a rubber duck with me while taking a bath. That Ernie, he was onto something with that song!


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