Gaining, but not Mastering a New Skill

The other day I went into the bathroom at work, and I found this:

Toilet 1Toilet 2

Okay, seriously, I didn’t know what to do. I had to go to the bathroom, but I have never used this kind of toilet before…and I was wearing a business suit! I mean, how embarrassing would that be if something were to go amiss and I peed on my dress pants. So, I resolved to hold it.

Well, about an hour later, I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I decided to be adventurous. And you know, once you get past the whole squatting thing, these bathrooms aren’t that bad. You never have to worry about people sitting on the pubic toilet because that’s a near impossibility. And you always flush with your shoe. So, in actuality, it’s pretty hygienic, maybe more so than American restrooms.

But here’s one slight problem. I was using the bathroom yesterday, and I was letting my mind wander. I leaned back to think, and almost fell over!!! How embarrassing would that have been! And how could you possibly explain that? So, word to the wise, keep your focus when using Japanese toilets!

So, now that I’ve used these bathrooms in a business suit, I say, bring on the camping! The less bathrooms, the better! 😉


One thought on “Gaining, but not Mastering a New Skill

  1. lindsay b. says:

    shoot dang…you are in japan!

    i like the toliets. when i was in australia i experienced the 2 button toliet system…one button for pee and one button for poo. it saved water that way. and i thought that was fun but japan wins with the whole poo on the floor thing.

    all that to say i hope you are enjoying your journey. we are enjoying ours. love you, friend. maybe i miss the affection of you too.

    -mrs. blackstone

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