Work, Work, Work

I’m currently in the midst of training, and considering that I’m taking notes on theoretical teaching styles and doing demos 6 hours a day, training has been really fun! I’m training with two other new employees- Chris and Victoria. We’ve been having a grand old time, especially with our two trainers Matt and Peter. They’re very different, but both quite fun.

Matt is from England, and I often find myself starting to talk in a British accent near the end of every day just from listening to him. He also tells us a lot of funny stories about students that he’s taught. I hope that I have half the funny stories that he does. For example, he had a student who didn’t like his boss very much. The boss was going on a business trip and Matt’s student said very matter-of-fact, “I hope he doesn’t get mutilated.” Maybe that doesn’t really seem all the funny, but imagine a Japanese person saying that. You know that they had to have read it straight out of the dictionary. Maybe it was his word for the day. But Matt can always tell you the most interesting random facts about all things Japanese, and he has a very dry wit. Chris has to ask him all the time if what he’s saying is true- nine times out of ten it’s not.

Peter is a very cool nerd. On our first day of training with him, we had a 20 minute conversation about the movie Alien vs Predator…seriously. He likes science fiction a lot. Now you may think he sounds really nerdy, but he’s really cool. If Peter had a club, you’d want to be in it. He and his wife just had a baby about a month ago, so he’s very easy to get off on baby tangents.

And I think that trainees are a bit like animals in the zoo. People are always just popping in to say hello and to get a good look at us I think. Mostly the people popping in have been other trainers that we’ll work with later on for the kid’s stuff. But when Matt’s in charge of training, Peter will stop in and chat, and vice versa. But it’s a welcome 5-minute interruption.

But I have a lot of homework to do and I thought that I was past that stage, but oh well. So now I’m off to do some of that homework.

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