It was almost like You’ve Got Mail…

…but not really at all.

Yesterday, I got on the train at 6:50. Ask me what time I got off the train- 9:30. Yeah, that’s for real. The train just stopped two stops from home and then it sat there for a very long time. I have absolutely no explanation for what happened, because everything they said over the speakers was in Japanese. So, I just waited calmly, mostly because no one else on the train seemed worried at all, so I knew it couldn’t have been anything terrible, like an earthquake. In fact, it was just like any other train ride…everyone either reading or emailing on their phones, and the occasional Japanese person trying to stare inconspicuously at the foreigner on the train. The doors just happened to be open, and there weren’t about 28 people too many in the train.

But after a while, I just got sick of waiting on the train with absolutely no explanation as to why I was stuck there. So, I think that the first Japanese lesson I take will be over the rail system.

And when I finally got off the train, I had to stop at the convenience store and get some green tea and chocolate. That was about the coolest thing I did. But it definitely wasn’t a You’ve Got Mail moment. I didn’t even take my dog and move to my boat. I just walked the 20 minutes home.


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