A Surprise but Not so Much

Yesterday was my first day of work. And if I ever had any feelings of nerves, they were quickly eradicated. It was basically just like syllabus day, with the addition of filling out lots of paperwork. For four hours, we read/talked through ECC’s handbook, their equivalent of a syllabus. Overall, it wasn’t bad, but the real training starts today, so we’ll see how that goes. My training hours are from 11 to 5:30, which isn’t bad at all until you consider that Jen doesn’t start work until 2. And my commute is about 45 minutes, so I’m leaving the house pretty early. But this all works out well for me since I’ve been consistently going to bed around 11 and waking up around 6. I really hope that this is not just the effect of jet lag, but will become my normal sleep pattern. Surprisingly enough, I like waking up early. I feel like I have so much more time in my day.

But now I’m off to get ready, have a quiet time, and make some lunch before work. Have a great one everyone!


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