Japan is a Crazy Place

Here are a few things that I thought you’d enjoy hearing about Japan…

1. It’s somewhat unusual for singles to live on their own. So there’s a good likelihood that you can meet someone in their 30’s who still lives at home. They pay minimal rent, and their mom usually still cooks all their meals and does all their laundry. In a way, this is nice, but I think that my parents would have gotten sick of me real fast if that were the case. I have to wonder what they think of Americans who leave home at 18 and live on their own just because they want to.

2. The bathrooms in Japan are two separate rooms. There’s a room for the toilet, and then a two-part room with the sink and the shower/bathtub. And in the toilet room, there’s a sink built into the top of the toilet. But the water only runs in that sink when you flush the toilet.

3. Speaking of bathrooms, in our shower there’s a mirror really low to the ground. I asked Jen why it was so low, and she told me that all Japanese people shower sitting down on a little stool in the shower. Standing up in the shower is a real rarity. It seems inconvenient to me, but it must work.

4. Japanese think about colors differently than we do in at least one instance. To them, the traffic light is red, yellow, blue instead of red, yellow, green. To their credit, their lights aren’t as green as ours are. It kind of looks like a muted aqua.


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